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New administration is now preparing Chef Peter Cole's recipes

for Grilled & BBQ dinners along with their own Breakfast Menu.

More info coming soon...

In the meantime, read about Chef Peter.

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Hi! I'm Chef Peter Cole. Born in New York City with a spatula in hand

and a passion for the culinary arts, I graduated with honors

from The Culinary Institute of America over twenty years ago

and have been working as an executive chef ever since.

While hiking in southern Utah in 2016, I was impressed with the relaxing

atmosphere of the red rock high desert country of Wayne County.

I also discovered my love of BBQ, slow smoked and chargrilled cuisine

and decided to pursue my culinary passion doing what I love in this beautiful place.

It is my pleasure to share with you - TORREY GRILL & BBQ!

Here's a review from Food & Wine.com about us.

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The Best Barbecue in Every State

by David Landsel  September 3, 2020

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There I was, thinking that the experience at Torrey Grill & BBQ, at the doorstep of Capitol Reef, one of the more underrated national parks in the Southwest, was the end of my search for a barbecue joint that felt essential to Utah, one of the most un-barbecued states remaining in the country. There was the whole dinner around the fire pit spiel, the spare ribs and pulled chicken and tri tip, inventive sides, plus cobbler for dessert. This was it, this was the spot.

Turns out, the restaurant has only been open for a couple of summers now, and that owner/proprietors Peter Cole (a CIA grad) and Abeer Aljbour (a travel industry vet) had visited the region from New York on vacation, fell in love with the place, and decided to move here, settle down, and open their own place, in an RV park, in the middle of Utah, the part that's hours away from Salt Lake. Fast-forward to 2020, and what already seemed like a pretty cool idea now sounds like some genius-level, ahead of the curve thinking. Hold your horses, cowperson—the restaurant is shuttered until next spring.

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